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    Every Day Begins with the Expectation of Excellence

    We Take Pride in Delivering Patient-Centered Care

    Patient Centered Rehabilitation Therapy

    • Eliminate or prevent impairments.
    • Minimize the impact of physical limitations.
    • Accelerate recovery.
    • Restore a patient’s independence.
    • Compensate for physical limitations to the highest possible level.
    • Teach the use of assistive equipment.
    • Develop the highest level of communication possible.
    • Teach the family and staff methods of communication with those persons having speech or hearing impairments.
    • Reduce the frustrations brought on by a breakdown in communication.

    Compassionate Clinical Services

    • IV/enteral/parental/therapies
    • Respiratory Therapy: including tracheostomy management
      • COPD
      • Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab
    • Acute & Chronic Wound Care Management
    • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    • Post-Surgical Recovery
    • CVA & Cognitive Rehab Recovery
    • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
    • Pain Management & Education
    • Dialysis Management
    • Total integration of EHR between pharmacy, MD/NP, LAB/RAD, & therapy department

    It Takes a Minute to Change a Life

    Our Culture is Centered on Compassion

    That is why the Focused Care model first and foremost promotes the expectation of excellence in the provision of health care services targeted to the individual and personalized needs of our residents. Our team members’ mission is not only to enhance the health outcomes of patients but also to make their Focused Care experience meaningful.

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    A Message From Focused Care's Founder

    Mark McKenzie, CEO

    I remember when the planes hit the Twin Towers. In the following days we heard stories of those tragically lost, those unfathomably heroic and those who stepped out of their normal bounds to be part of a unified community.  The country rallied, our patriotism soared and our perceptions of what was truly important in life were transformed – at least for a while. Our collective compassion took hold and amazing people did amazing things to help lift us out of the jarring reality of what happened.

    Then a fascinating pattern developed. There was a post 9-11 surge in career changes. I read about a former financier who became a fireman after witnessing the unparalleled bravery of the FDNY. After EMTs found her father beneath the rubble days after the explosions, a small child at the time became a mental health counselor years later. Many children of First Responders on the scene that day became health care workers in adulthood – and are now saving lives today.  Many of those people turned to nursing.

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