Focused Care at Center

Sharon LVN

Sharon has worked in long term care for over 30 years, starting with a summer program in a skilled nursing facility while she was in college. Originally headed to a teaching career, her brief experience with caring for seniors shifted her mission. She says she believes she was meant for nursing.

“I look forward to coming in and being able to take care of my residents, do my job to the best of my ability and seeing my residents are taken care of. I always have to give thanks to God. And I really give my thanks to the Lord for allowing me to stay FOCUSED to take care of my residents.”

Doyce was born December 20th 1936 Tenaha, Texas, about 9 miles away from Focused Care of Center. One of her most memorable moments in life is when she met her husband-to-be. It was love at first sight. On June 20th they will have been married for sixty-one years!
She and Eddie adopted a baby girl from New Mexico and the three of them traveled the world with Eddie being stationed in Japan and Germany. Later, they settled back in Center where Doyce worked for the city as a secretary for 28 years.
Both she and Eddie are cared for in the Focused Care community and now she spends her days with her husband and enjoys painting and being outside.

Focused Care at Pecos

Olivia CNA

Olivia is a single parent of three children and has a 108 mile roundtrip commute to Focused Care at Pecos every day from Ft. Stockton, TX. She is never late for work.
Olivia is known for her calming presence with residents and colleagues. Her smiling face and positive attitude are infectious. She chose to care for the elderly because she "likes to work with people" and enjoys making residents laugh.
Her favorite thing to do is dance, often attending dances on the weekends when she rarely has time off.
Olivia is most thankful for “my kids, family, and my co-workers who are always there for me.”

Emilea was born in Valentine, Texas in 1923 and is a proud descendant of Comanche tribe leader, Quanah Parker. Her childhood memories take her back to area ranches and the Bloys Camp Meetings – she is the granddaughter of the founder – and still active in the organization, which she says is a source of pride for her family.
After marriage and two children, she worked at the Reeves County Courthouse in the County Clerk’s office. Her children and grandchildren are what brings Emilea her greatest joy – that – and fishing as well as in years past "cutting a rug with my husband."
Mrs. Mills was not able to identify a single person at Focused Care as her favorite, stating she "loves everybody."

Focused Care at Waxahachie

Dejuanna CNA

Dejuanna made the decision to care for the elderly because she has always been soft hearted for seniors. She was inspired by watching her grandmother care for residents in long term care and it is because of her grandmother’s encouragement that Dejuanna followed in her footsteps.
She enjoys caring for her residents and loves the bond she has with her co-workers who bring her joy and make her laugh.
The person she is most thankful for is her grandmother. Dejuanna says, “She raised me since I was 3 months old and I love her dearly. She encourages me, keeps me going, and always pushes me to do better.”

Steven was born on May 7, 1947 in Dallas and his best memory of childhood is when he became a minister of his church at the age of 14. Still active in the ministry, says waking up every day and being able to spread the word of Christ is what brings him joy.
He doesn’t have a favorite caregiver at Focused Care, “….because everyone is so great. The nursing staff takes excellent care of me, my meals are great, and my room is spotless.”
Looking back on his life, Steven says his happiest moments are when he got married and he and his wife had their children.

Focused Care at Linden

La Tonya CNA

La Tonya is working in long term care today as a reward to her 90 year old grandmother.
The best part of her day is the end of the day knowing that her residents are taken care of and everyone is all right.
Her favorite thing to do is be with family and enjoy her co-workers. She without God nothing is impossible.

“I thank Him for my family, my job and allowing me to take care of my residents.”

Mary was born in 1933 and shares her memories of growing up with loving parents. They didn’t have much but they were loved.

She loves people – they make her smile.

The happiest moments of her life are when she got married and had her two children.

Focused Care at Mount Pleasant

Evelyn CNA

Evelyn has always been interested in nursing and in particular, caring for seniors. She derives her greatest joy at work by laughing with her co-workers and her residents.

She loves spending time with family and is most thankful for her mother who has always been a caring person and for her husband who “lifts me up.”

Betty, who was born in Dallas in 1925. Her favorite childhood memory is of playing hopscotch. She loves people because they make her smile and she loves Sarah in her Focused Care community because she is so caring.

Her happiest moments in life as she looks back are having five children and a wonderful husband.

Focused Care at Brenham


Fannie grew up in the Burton/Brenham area and her fondest memories are of the brief time she spent living with her grandmother. Fannie’s older brother was in construction and helped to build the facility that is Focused Care at Brenham today.

In her free time she loves being outside, reading and listening to Gospel music. Fannie says about being in the Focused Care community that, “This is like a family to me.”

Leroy, who was born and raised in Wesley, Texas in 1934 was a part of the Czech community that settled long ago in 1859. Growing up he enjoyed fishing with his younger brother.
Most of his adult life he spent in the Army Reserve as a cook, retiring with the rank of Sargent from Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas.
His favorite part of the day in his Focused Care community is when Nettie, the Activities Director, tells him about what activities are going on and includes him in all of them!

Focused Care at Hogan Park

Toni LVN

Toni has been passionate about skilled nursing care for 25 years and says, “These are the Golden Years for seniors and they need to be treated with dignity and respect.” She went to nursing school years ago with the mission to make things better for residents in long term care.
Spending time with her family and laughing with her children are her favorite things to do.
The best part of her day in the Focused Care community is taking care of her residents and working as a team.

Josephine, who loves to laugh and is always happy. She says her fondest memory of childhood is when she got her first Barbie Doll and played with her on the back porch for days.
She says she likes so many people in her Focused Care community but calls CNA Levi, her sweetheart, because he’s always in a good mood and she can tell how much he cares.
Her happiest moments in life are with her family, laughing and telling life’s stories.