About Our Founder’s Message

The monthly Founder’s Message was born from Focused Post Acute Care Partner’s president and CEO Mark McKenzie’s desire to keep an open communication with the Focused Care family, residents and their family members, families searching for a long term care option and the general public.  It began with introducing the company, what led Mark, a leader in the Texas long term care sector for decades, to constructing his own unique business model for skilled nursing care, and conveying to those who visited the website the mission and objectives set to enhance health outcomes and make life meaningful for Focused Care residents.

As time went on, it became clear that Mark had more on his mind than telling readers about long term care.  The Founder’s Message has become a platform for Mark to reach out to the team members at Focused Care, applaud them, thank them for their commitment and dedication and encourage them to reach back out to him with anything that’s on their mind. The Founder’s Message also grew into a place where ongoing events are discussed and comfort and encouragement given as it has addressed mass shootings, social injustice and the devastating toll the pandemic has wrought on all our lives.

The Founder’s Message presents a look into the character of Focused Post Acute Care Partners and how its mission extends far beyond the walls of its long term care communities.

Mark McKenzie

A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

December Founder’s Message

“I have always felt that doubt was the beginning of wisdom”

Clarence Darrow 

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

Erich Fromm


These two quotes might seem odd for a holiday message – but in a way – I see them as applying to the Christmas day birth and frankly – also the year we have had.  No – the two are not comparable in impact to the world – but the story of the Christmas birth is certainly accompanied by those who heard the news and doubted the truth of the story.  There were those who did not have faith and wanted a black and white reality – they actually feared that the story was true. There were those from faraway lands who heard and had faith without seeing. And there were those who wanted to believe and abandoned all certainties in their life to embrace the miraculous event.

I think this last year – which came on two previous years of uncertainty and doubt – was the real test for us as providers of long term care for seniors. Would we crumble as a company? We have been short on staff, we have experienced the stress of strained resources, we are an exhausted group of people who had to collectively be creative and let go of certainties we knew from the past in skilled nursing care.  That takes courage. Letting go and not clinging to everything you knew before and adjusting, changing, morphing into what was asked of us from payers, regulators and the public – that’s creativity.

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