About Our Founder’s Message

The monthly Founder’s Message was born from Focused Post Acute Care Partner’s president and CEO Mark McKenzie’s desire to keep an open communication with the Focused Care family, residents and their family members, families searching for a long term care option and the general public.  It began with introducing the company, what led Mark, a leader in the Texas long term care sector for decades, to constructing his own unique business model for skilled nursing care, and conveying to those who visited the website the mission and objectives set to enhance health outcomes and make life meaningful for Focused Care residents.

As time went on, it became clear that Mark had more on his mind than telling readers about long term care.  The Founder’s Message has become a platform for Mark to reach out to the team members at Focused Care, applaud them, thank them for their commitment and dedication and encourage them to reach back out to him with anything that’s on their mind. The Founder’s Message also grew into a place where ongoing events are discussed and comfort and encouragement given as it has addressed mass shootings, social injustice and the devastating toll the pandemic has wrought on all our lives.

The Founder’s Message presents a look into the character of Focused Post Acute Care Partners and how its mission extends far beyond the walls of its long term care communities.

Mark McKenzie

A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

That’s a phrase that sparks some debate as to its origin. Some think it’s a nautical reference and others relate it to horses on a track. The meaning of the phrase when we hear it though – means keep on keeping on.  Don’t falter. Don’t let the headwinds steer you off course. Stay on track. Reach your goal.

With respect to our personal lives and the pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us feel like we’re done with the whole thing.  Here we are in the midst of yet another surge of COVID cases and we haven’t recovered from the previous onslaught. We all want our lives to be lifted from the pressure and constant awareness of this virus.  Perhaps when we’re at home reading a book, watching sports or cooking dinner – we momentarily forget about this insidious virus and the regularity of life brings us some peace.

Then we turn on the news or we walk outside.  Or in our case, we go to work.

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