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Focused Care at Stonebriar

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    Focused Care at Stonebriar

      It Takes a Minute to Change a Life

      The team members at Focused Care at Stonebriar provide both short term rehabilitation and 24-hour skilled nursing care, including physical, occupation and speech therapies, wound care, pulmonary and psychiatry services. Many staff members are trained in dementia care by the State of Texas Health & Human Services so we can tailor our memory care programs for dementia residents.

      Our approach, like all other Focused Care family facilities, is a patient-centered care tailored to the individual needs of each resident.

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      Every Day Begins with the Expectation of Excellence

      We Take Pride in Delivering Patient-Centered Care

      Patient Centered Rehabilitation Therapy

      • Eliminate or prevent impairments.
      • Minimize the impact of physical limitations.
      • Accelerate recovery.
      • Restore a patient’s independence.
      • Compensate for physical limitations to the highest possible level.
      • Teach the use of assistive equipment.
      • Develop the highest level of communication possible.
      • Teach the family and staff methods of communication with those persons having speech or hearing impairments.
      • Reduce the frustrations brought on by a breakdown in communication.

      Compassionate Clinical Services

      • IV/enteral/parental/therapies
      • Respiratory Therapy: including tracheostomy management
        • COPD
        • Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab
      • Acute & Chronic Wound Care Management
      • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
      • Post-Surgical Recovery
      • CVA & Cognitive Rehab Recovery
      • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
      • Pain Management & Education
      • Dialysis Management
      • Total integration of EHR between pharmacy, MD/NP, LAB/RAD, & therapy department

      If you have any questions about services offered at this location, please give us a call to discuss.

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