What We Do For You

A number of our communities have developed an expertise in delivering Alzheimer’s and dementia care and our staff maintains training and education to stay updated on the latest care strategies.

Focused Care develops care approaches that treat the individual, recognizing our health is as unique as our DNA. We are here to improve health, offer compassion, listen and guarantee your Focused Care experience is meaningful.

We are continuing to build a team comprised of health care professionals and certified nurse assistants who share our mission and believe our mantra:

It takes a minute to change a life.

That is why the Focused Care model first and foremost promotes the expectation of excellence in the provision of health care services targeted to the individual and personalized needs of our residents. Our team members’ mission is not only to enhance the health outcomes of patients but also to make their Focused Care experience meaningful.

Focused Care communities provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and on-site physicians to ensure all facets of care are addressed by trained health care professionals compassionately and effectively evaluating and caring for each person.

At the end of the day, with all of the advances in medicine and medical technology, it comes down to people taking care of people.

Please come visit us and witness the Focused Care experience.

What Our Residents Love

My mother came here after her knee surgery and she got great therapy and enjoyed the atmosphere a lot! Any time we came to visit her, she was either in therapy or in an activity having a great time. By the time she was ready to go home she was much stronger than she was before the surgery and her spirits seemed so much brighter. We come back often to visit.

My mom was at Focused Care during COVID. The staff there took absolutely the best care of her. It was hard to put her somewhere knowing we couldn’t go in to check on her, but this turned out to be the best decision we could’ve made. She loved it there and was very sad to leave. She’s home now but still talks about them often.

They treated me like, I was part of a family. They were all So Very Sweet!! Doctors here were very caring & actually paid attention to all I had to say.

Posting for resident A.D.: ‘Since Focused Care Partners bought our building almost 2 years ago, the new staff is amazing, and much more attentive. The overall atmosphere is lighter and enjoyable and much more personable. The staff will stop and listen to my needs and much more caring. I have lived in this community for over 9 years, and the difference is a million times better. The building is clean, the floors are new, no smells, we don’t run out of food like we did before. And much better selections on meals. Therapy is patient and works with you. While it’s a hard road to go down, they make it easy as possible. We love our Activities Director. We have outings at least once a week and he is awesome!

My Dad is a resident here and really likes it. The atmosphere is laid back, it’s clean and comfortable. He loves the hot food and patios to sit out on in nice weather. New management and great staff making a difference at this building!