Services at Focused Care Post Acute Partners

It Takes a Minute to Change a Life

Focused Care’s motto – It Takes a Minute to Change a Life is an ambitious call to those who work in long term care to be ever mindful of the extraordinary impact they can have on an individual’s life. We all know that a hug and a greeting can transform our mood, a smile can lift our spirits and the “How are you?” sincerely asked and followed by intent listening can make us feel valued. All of that just takes a minute. It is a humble reality that those of us in long term care have the opportunity to actually positively change someone’s life – for a moment, for their time with us and after they leave. This is our goal.

What helps us reach that goal is patient-centered care. Patient-centered care is just that – focused on the needs of the resident, personal in its delivery, compassionate in its nature. The dated perceptions of skilled nursing care being “institutional” still persist though they do not reflect the care provided at Focused Care’s communities. We believe it takes a special person with a heart for humanity to care for people at their most vulnerable.  That is who we look for to join our team, to meet your family and to care for your loved one.

Our commitment is seen in our name, our motto and in the corridors of our communities. Come visit us and see it in action.

Compassionate Clinical Services

  • IV/enteral/parental/therapies
  • Respiratory Therapy: including tracheostomy management
    • COPD
    • Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab
  • Acute & Chronic Wound Care Management
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • CVA & Cognitive Rehab Recovery
  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
  • Pain Management & Education
  • Dialysis Management
  • Total integration of EHR between pharmacy, MD/NP, LAB/RAD, & therapy department

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Patient Centered Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Eliminate or prevent impairments.
  • Minimize the impact of physical limitations.
  • Accelerate recovery.
  • Restore a patient’s independence.
  • Compensate for physical limitations to the highest possible level.
  • Teach the use of assistive equipment.
  • Develop the highest level of communication possible.
  • Teach the family and staff methods of communication with those persons having speech or hearing impairments.
  • Reduce the frustrations brought on by a breakdown in communication.

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Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care

When your loved one experiences a fall, has a surgery, or is fighting a chronic condition it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine which care option is best for them. Focused Post Acute Care Partners offers both Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care. These options are both ideal for loved ones who need help with everyday life, but they differ in their specializations and the types of care that your loved one will receive.

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Food and Nutritional Services

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw

One of life’s greatest pleasures is eating flavorful, well prepared food and at Focused Care we pride ourselves on serving up a varied nutritional menu designed to meet the tastes of different palettes.

We offer several culinary choices for residents including the following:

  • 365 Menu – this menu combination offers a panoply of choices and never repeats for 365 days!*
  • Always Available – this menu was developed by the Focused Care community based on resident feedback, frequently reviewed to incorporate any changes per requests.
  • NEW: Meatless Mondays!
  • Resident Meal of the Month

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Life Enrichment

Our Directors of Life Enrichment provide a monthly Social Events calendar that you can get a copy of at our Communities! To accommodate individual resident preferences, we offer a wide array of socials from various categories such as Social, Movement, Trivia & Games, Spiritual, Holiday Events, Guest Entertainment & more!

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