ROCKStar Testimonials

I love Focused Acute Care at Stonebriar. I love the residents. I love the staff. I love the management team. I love the new Corp. staff, that visit often. I’m very proud to say I worked there. It’s an amazing place to be. It’s in the perfect location. It’s been remodeled and it’s beautiful, just like the people. The new administrator is making a lot of great and strategic changes, to make Stonebriar even better and more efficient. His goals are all tied to whatever helps the residents. There is a new D. O. N., that is extremely experienced and cares, first, for the resident and everything else comes after. Stonebriar has a great team and I miss them all, so much. Great team!

Great team. Great place to work. Excellent company. Always flexible. Always caring for our residents and family. Best facility in East Texas in my opinion.

Keeping residents happy and safe is our number one goal as a team member we strive to work together we problem solve as a team not only is our residents first and important so are our staff members.

I’ve worked at several healthcare facilities and long-term care centers. Focused Care has the best corporate culture, hands down. The leadership is caring, authentic, and all have their hearts in the right place. I have never before been a part of a team that is so supportive and collaborative. Work can be very fast paced and challenging, but the leadership is always relaxed and open to communicating questions or concerns. The personal satisfaction that I get from working there is what keeps me interested in staying. I truly feel valued and included in this company.