Statement from Focused Post Acute Care Partners on Hurricane Preparedness Procedures in Place to Protect Residents and Team Members

August 25, 2020
Fort Worth, Texas

Focused Post Acute Care Partners’ Hurricane Preparedness plan was finalized in place prior to the 2020 hurricane season with in-service staff training complete and hurricane related disaster planning updated. A COVID-19 Addendum takes into account all policies and practices to protect residents and team members from infection in the event of sheltering in place or evacuation mandates from local emergency management agencies.

Focused Care coordinates all internal emergency operations with the emergency management agencies in order to quickly establish appropriate protocols sanctioned by the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

All Focused Care long term care communities remain on alert, specifically those in the Houston area and along the Gulf Coast and are monitoring any developments of weather systems that could impact a Focused Care location. Continuous communication with family members of residents is included in preparedness policy and all team members who participate in evacuations receive support from Focused Care in light of logistical changes that could impact their families.

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