Baytown Sun: Focused Care donates turkeys to local seniors

By Matt Hollis

Nov 25, 2021


Focused Care has stepped up to the plate in the spirit of Thanksgiving and donated turkeys to the Baytown Senior Center.

Seniors at the center went through a drive-thru to get their turkey and a bag of trimmings complete with stuffing mix, potatoes, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and gravy.

“This is fantastic,” Dave Weber, Baytown Senior Center activity director.

Weber said he spoke to Becky Davis, Focused Post-Acute Care Partners Baytown community liaison, to help the seniors out.

“She got a hold of her boss, and they said they would help with anything we ever need,” Weber said. “So, I took her up on it. I asked Becky if she could get this to happen. And she made it happen.”

Weber added one of the seniors donated $100 for the extra trimmings.

“That was to complete the meal with all of the fixings,” Weber said.

Weber said COVID-19 had prevented them from cooking at the center, so they decided to do Thanksgiving this way.

Four Focused Care Baytown area skilled nursing care communities pooled their resources and showed their gratitude to local seniors by donating the turkeys to the center, so that they could host a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The Focused Care communities that participated are the Focused Care at Baytown, the Focused Care at Allenbrook, the Focused Care at Burnet Bay, and the Focused Care at Cedar Bayou. The communities donated six turkeys each.

The members at Focused Care decided to help the seniors due to inflationary prices, food insecurity and trimmer budgets that put a damper on the holiday meal for many families this season.

“Focused Care has a big presence in the Baytown Area,” Davis said. “We have a close relationship with the Baytown Senior Center and know that for some, the only Thanksgiving meal they will have will be what the Center can provide. This is our way of giving our thanks to seniors who helped build the Baytown community over decades and give it the character it has today.”


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