Focused Post-Acute Care Partners Brings Innovative Sleep Experience to Long Term Care Residents – the First and Only Texas Skilled Nursing Operator to Implement Clean Sleep Technology

Technology Sanitizes Mattresses to Reduce Health Care Association Infections (HAIs) and Provide Enhanced Clinical Benefits and Comfort

February 28, 2020

Contact: Rebecca Reid (410) 212-3843

(Fort Worth, TX) – Focused Post-Acute Care Partners (FPACP) announced today it is implementing innovative technology that will enhance the sleep experience of residents receiving care in the long term care company’s communities by not only protecting seniors from common infections acquired from mattresses and pillows in health care settings, but increasing the comfort with high quality, long lasting mattresses free of chemicals. Focused Care will phase in the sleep experience program beginning with its four Baytown communities: Focused Care at Allenbrook, Focused Care at Burnet Bay, Focused Care at Baytown and Focused Care at Cedar Bayou.

“Focused Care looks at the sleep experience of our residents from both the clinical and comfort perspective – both extremely important considerations for folks that spend more time in or on a bed,” said Mark McKenzie, president, CEO and owner of FPACP. “We consider this a critical investment in the health and well-being of those we care for and are excited to bring this innovative technology to the Baytown area and eventually to all our communities in east and west Texas and the Gulf Coast.”

Focused Care has purchased Casper beds, known for their comfort and superior quality, while partnering with Clean Sleep, that uses a patented process of UVC light, dry steam, infrared heat and ozone generation to clean and sanitize mattresses. The technology reduces cleaning times, utilizes physical properties for disinfection and reduces cross contamination.

The importance and value of the Clean Sleep program cannot be underestimated. Due to age-related changes to the epidermis, older individuals become particularly at risk of developing a skin or soft tissue infection. Critical to the reduction of the spread of these infections is minimizing the presence of the pathogens in the environment that patients in hospitals, residents in skilled nursing communities and other health care settings can be exposed to – and that is often through linens that are not properly disinfected. The Journal of Hospital Infection notes the importance of decontaminating mattresses, pillows and bed components to prevent outbreaks or cross contamination – which is exactly what Clean Sleep addresses on-site with its state-of-the-art technology.

“Reducing infections is an overriding focus and commitment for us because not only are we able to reduce hospital readmissions that often disrupt patient care and well-being, we are able to keep our residents healthier. The healthier our residents are, the happier and more meaningful their lives will be and that is the overall goal of Focused Care,” said McKenzie.

In an ongoing effort to manage infections, Focused Care communities partnered in 2018 with the makers of Theraworx, an infection-control product that is a non-toxic, microbiome-safe topical solution proven to reduce infections common to seniors transitioning from the hospital into the post-acute health care setting. Theraworx is now in all Focused Care communities to enhance infection control and test improvement in reduction rates.

“Focused Care is continuing to invest in our communities and the health of our residents for whom we consider it a privilege to serve,” said McKenzie. “We want to be an industry leader of long term care delivery in the state of Texas and that means we explore all ways to raise the quality and the standard of care.”