Focused Post Acute Care Partners (FPACP) Launches Infection Reduction Program First in Texas to Partner with Avadim Technologies to Reduce Infection Rates Among Seniors in Skilled Nursing Care

FPACP’s Pilot Project in Center and Gilmer Will Track and Measure Impact on Patient Health

July 18, 2018

Contact: Rebecca Reid (410) 212-3843

(Fort Worth, TX) – Focused Post-Acute Care Partners (FPACP), a skilled nursing care company with 23 communities throughout Texas, announced today its partnership with Avadim Technologies, Inc, a life sciences company producing non-toxic, microbiomesafe topical solutions proven to reduce infections common to seniors transitioning into the post-acute health care setting.

“Reducing infection rates, improving the overall quality of health and preventing hospital re-admissions that disrupt patient well-being and drive up health care costs is the goal of Focused Care in this unprecedented initiative in Texas’ long term care sector,” said Mark McKenzie, president and founder of FPACP. “Even with all the increasingly complex conditions many seniors face coming into the skilled nursing care community, there are strategies we can implement that truly have an impact on improving health and quality of life. We are elevating the standard of care by having an innovative infection prevention program in place.”

In a peer reviewed article published in the Journal of Clinical and Medical Investigations, Avadim’s product, Theraworx Protect, was used in a 40 month longitudinal retrospective study with ten hospital systems throughout the country and showed when the product was used and protocol followed, an estimated 52% reduction in the rate of infection occurred.

“We are partnering with Avadim to introduce innovation that reduces the top cause of re-admissions to hospitals – infections,” noted Sunny Stout, Chief Clinical Officer for FPACP. “Focused Care wants to be a high quality long term care provider that hospitals transitioning patients into our communities, family members and most of all residents can depend upon. Theraworx stands by itself in the field of hygiene solutions and we look forward to seeing the positive results of this partnership.”

Theraworx Protect technology was recently awarded two innovative technology industry awards following the launch of its brand for infection protection. McKenzie noted that by introducing into Focused Care communities evidence-based quality improvement, the company is on the front end of infection reduction innovation – leading the way in Texas.

“We are excited to partner with Focused Care in its quest to reduce both infections and the associated costs of these infections,” said Ralph Lombardo, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Avadim Technologies. “Regardless of the proven effectiveness of any technology, if not implemented or used appropriately it simply will not work. Focused Care brings an innovative and cutting-edge approach to skilled care and we are honored to partner on this path together. Theraworx Protect has proven to be a true industry leading innovation in improving the health and well-being of the residents we both serve. The leadership at Focused Care is demonstrating its desire to be on the front end of innovation in implementing evidence-based medicine to improve health. We look forward to saving lives together.”

Focused Care operates 23 skilled nursing care communities in secondary and tertiary markets and regions in the Lone Star State with smaller populations and older communities. Its mission includes bringing the latest in long term care strategies to smaller rural communities often not afforded the resources of facilities in metropolitan locations. The company formed in 2016, currently has 1600 employees providing skilled nursing care to an estimated 1400 residents throughout the state.