Focused Post Acute Care Partners Looks to Furloughed Workers from Other Industries to Provide Additional Help During Stress of Pandemic; Implements New Programs to Alleviate Burdens for Team Members

Contact: Rebecca Reid
(410) 212-3843

(Fort Worth, Texas) – As the stress on health care workers heightens throughout a national health care system on high alert, Focused Post Acute Care Partners (FPACP), a Texas-based skilled nursing care company with 31 communities in east and west Texas and along the Gulf Coast, is reaching out for extra help from workers in other industries hit hard in the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and is providing services to the company’s team members to ease personal hardship.

“We are living in a time that necessitates stepping outside our normal framework and being creative and resourceful while we minimize disruption from this unprecedented pandemic,” said Mark McKenzie, CEO and founder of FPACP. “Focused Care is looking out for our team members who are under pressure to ensure our residents are protected from exposure to the Coronavirus, while protecting themselves so they can continue to care for others, including their families. We are all adjusting to this new life that is filled with uncertainty but what we can be sure of is that it’s possible to still be a community, to pay attention to the needs of others and in the process, give people facing sudden job loss the opportunity to earn an income. While the daily news is bleak, all of us can still make a positive impact.”

Focused Care is hiring for Hospitality Aides, a position that can alleviate some of the nonhealth care responsibilities of resident care providers who are Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs). The company is encouraging furloughed workers, such as those in the hospitality sector affected by in-dining closure of Texas restaurants to consider helping out the company’s team and the seniors they care for.

Additionally, Focused Care is:

  • Providing childcare to help team members with children home due to school closures.
  • Providing free meals to team members when their shift encompasses meal times.
  • Implementing an Employee Assistance Program at no cost to assist team members who have family members experiencing job loss.
  • Sending out company-wide daily emails on Focused Care ROCKStars highlighting the extraordinary acts of kindness reported from their communities including staff coming in on their days off to help, signing up for shifts that need to be filled, and continuing to reach out to families of residents during this time of visitation restriction. Focused Care ROCKStars puts the spotlight on team members, residents, family members, volunteers and business partners and is designed to improve morale and productivity by reinforcing positive behaviors and emphasizing FPACP’s values.

“I stand in awe at the tireless work being done by our skilled nursing providers knowing full well they have worries for their own families while they care for the Focused Care family,” said McKenzie. “We all need hope and inspiration always, but especially now. We’re maintaining our standard of care, striving for excellence and remain unwavering in our mission.”