Senior Mini Olympics at Focused Care at Hogan Park Shows Former Athletes from Years Past Still Have What it Takes

Focused Post Acute Care Partners Area Facilities Bring on the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners

July 11, 2018

Contact: Rebecca Reid (410) 212-3843

(Midland, TX) – Reviving a time-honored Midland tradition, Focused Care at Hogan Park hosted this year’s Senior Mini Olympics attracting a field of residents who let their “inner athlete” shine in several events that included Darts, the Corn Hole Toss, the Ring Toss and wheel chair races. An opening ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the competition with residents and staff from nearby Focused Care at Crane and Focused Care at Odessa joining in the games.

“Our residents and staff at Focused Care love the Senior Mini Olympics for its spirit of teamwork and certainly the good old fashioned competition between our communities,” said Michelle Holden, LNFA, facility administrator for Focused Care at Hogan Park. “We have many residents who were athletes in their day and many of us who are sports enthusiasts. The Senior Mini Olympics is a great event that brings the community together and celebrates America’s love of sport competitions!”

Nearly 30 residents from all three Focused Care communities joined in the competition with Focused Care at Odessa taking home the most mini trophies, followed by Focused Care at Crane and Focused Care at Hogan Park.

Focused Care at Hogan Park presented many former athletes on their Senior Olympic team including Pete Rodriguez who ran track in high school and competed in shot put, Ardyth Boyko, also a former high school track runner, Jeanette Johnson who ran track and field for her New Mexico high school and Brigette Silva, a Germany native who started a Dart League in her hometown (and placed first in Darts in the Senior Mini Olympics).

Focused Care staff had fun participating with residents as well as their own staff vs. staff competition in the wheel chair races. Focused Post-Acute Care Partners (FPACP) officially introduced Focused Care at Hogan Park in May under the new ownership brand. The mission of the company is to ensure that seniors and their families in the smaller towns and rural areas of Texas have access to high quality rehab and patient-centered skilled nursing care. Focused Care has 23 facilities located in largely rural regions of Texas.

Trademarks of FPACP ownership can be found in the weekly inspirational messages founder and owner Mark McKenzie sends to staff, the recognition program to acknowledge high performing employees, daily promotion of the expectation of excellence in care, a corporate wellness program that will eventually expand to all facility team members and residents, and the motto that can be found on the building signs, company logo, door mats and throughout the facility: It Takes a Minute to Change a Life.