Statement from Focused Post Acute Care Partners on Resident Menu Modifications

April 28, 2020

The domino effect of the Coronavirus and how the pandemic is impacting our lives beyond our immediate health is now being felt within our nation’s food supply. As plants that store and deliver food to grocery markets across the country are closing down from Illinois to Iowa, a break in the food supply chain has reached Texas. Focused Care was recently informed by our valued business partner that supplies food to all Focused Care communities, there will be some shortages in ground beef, pork loin and beef-inside round. We will make the appropriate nutritional substitutions within the menu program so it will be reflected on the resident tray card.

Focused Care places a high priority on nutrition, choice and wellness when it comes to our menu and food preparation – we understand that food away from home should taste just as good and be as nutritional as if it were served at a resident’s dining room table. During this time when the interruption of food supply delivery impacts us all, we will continue to provide nutritional appropriate substitutions for protein as needed and are launching Meatless Mondays on our next menu cycle starting May 17th that will feature meat alternatives, while meeting the daily nutritional needs. The plant closures and workforce shortages are dictated by the spread of the virus and how various states determine when it is safe for plant employees to return to work. We will do our best to limit any major changes in menus at Focused Care but we cannot guarantee to what extent as we continually monitor the availability of food resources.

Food quality and the meal experience is a quality of life focus for many of us and at Focused Care an ongoing priority for our resident care.