The Banner-Press: Caring for the Vulnerable During Global Pandemic

May 11, 2021

For a while there it felt as though we were trying to get our sea legs in the midst of a Tsunami. The whole world was navigating unchartered waters and when a life raft was tossed out, it was frequently pulled back and another, slightly different one floated our way. Regulations, policies and guidelines on how skilled nursing communities must operate under COVID-19 came down from the Centers for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC) and the Texas State Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and changed daily – sometimes in minutes. We had to re-educate, retrain and modify communications to our team members. It’s understandable – these conditions were unprecedented – but it was challenging and created a lingering sense of uncertainty.

This was the year of the Coronavirus.

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Caller Times: Forum: A year look back on caring for seniors during a global pandemic

May 7, 2021

We will forever be bonded together as a band of frontline care providers for the most vulnerable population during a sweeping pandemic. The frightening, invisible enemy that can be in us with some exhibiting no symptoms and others being brought to their last days made its way through our Corpus Christi community, our state and the world.

Skilled nursing communities were initially vilified at the outbreak of COVID-19 as if the virus started in our buildings – not as if it walked through our front doors – which is of course, what happened. Heroes have emerged from this war on our public health. I work with many of them.

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Fort Stockton Pioneer: Dignity during the worst of the storm

May 5, 2021

Karri Geiling - LBSW, LNFA, CTT

As a ray of light is appearing through what has seemed like a very long, dark winter, I’ve learned through challenges and hardships that we can emerge with dignity and new knowledge about what we can endure and how we can triumph.

Many of us may not feel as though the last very trying year and ensuing months are at all worth celebrating. In fact, through our exhaustion, our grief, our life adjustments, and our determination, we may look at each day a bit differently than we did before. We may notice something new in a face we see every day, or feel a deeper appreciation for simple pleasures.

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Houston Chronicle Article: ‘Look at what the virus did’: Alief nursing home that lost 24 residents to COVID kept fighting

November 19, 2020

This fight through COVID it has been hard not only on residents and their families but also team members. Read this Houston Chronical article and see how our Westwood Community is working through everything.

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