A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Matters of the Heart

February stands out in the months of the year in several ways.  It is the shortest month  even when it’s Leap Year,  we commemorate the birthdays of two historic figures in our country, the entire month is dedicated to the culture, history and accomplishments of African Americans as well as heart health and one day marks an opportunity to remind those you love that…well, you love them.

When I started Focused Post Acute Care Partners we talked through what kind of company I wanted it to be. I wanted a company with character, one that respects everyone who works for it – everyone – and in our communities, those for whom we provide care and their loved ones.  Through those discussions on company character came the phrase that drives our mission: It Takes a Minute to Change a Life.

It may sound a little corny or even unrealistic to some people – but I think it’s true. We never know what is going on in the life of a stranger, and many times even a friend, a co-worker or a family member. There are some people who seem like they are never in a good mood – only cranky or dissatisfied.  Rather than dismiss them for being contrary and unattractive to be around – maybe, we reach out – without being intrusive – and just ask how they are today, is there anything we can do to make their life better?  Unfortunately, I think many of us are less used to being asked that than we are to being left to ourselves and whatever might be concerning us that day. Interestingly, those questions take less than a minute to ask…

I encourage everyone to take some time to think about February in America. Consider Lincoln’s presidency, his life and the legacy he left us.  Educate yourself on some part of African American history or a particular individual or community. Learn the best ways to increase your heart health and reduce the chances of heart disease.  And even if you don’t have a Valentine on the 14th – put on your rose colored glasses – (same color as the heart) and change someone’s life.

The fortunate thing for everyone at Focused Care is that you are lucky enough to do that every day.  That is part of your legacy.

Thank you.

Mark McKenzie

Founder and CEO