A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Motherly Love

May is a special month for many reasons. The tradition of leaving a basket full of flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep on May Day (May 1st) is holding on though recognition of the commemoration is sadly waning.  Cinco de Mayo is alive and well and the lifting of pandemic restrictions added even more elation to this year’s celebration. There is Memorial Day, a solemn remembrance of the fallen heroes of past wars and the opportunity to express our gratitude to veterans fortunate enough to come home and resume their lives.

And of course, there is Mother’s Day.

While Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day remain in close contention for the best days of the year for Hallmark, florists and restaurants, there is something special for most of us about the day we honor our mothers – the person who brought us into this world and whose love and caring we depended on – literally – to survive.

And that brings me to National Skilled Nursing Care Week – May 9 – 12 – that honors all of the individuals who care for our most vulnerable seniors in long term care communities. Never so boldly apparent as in the last year, skilled nursing caregivers kept many residents safe and well enough to survive the most harrowing of times.  As family visitation was necessarily postponed, direct care providers in nursing homes became surrogate family members in addition to providing patient-centered care and paying attention to emotional health, challenged by isolation.  Residents were dependent upon our team members and had to trust them to do their best to keep them healthy and protected.  On top of all of that, many of our team members are mothers themselves and took on the same role at home of caring for their children and loved ones.

Loss and grief are a part of loving and caring for others more vulnerable than us yet last year for many brought too much of both.

A mother’s love is unconditional and I believe the commitment and dedication our skilled nursing care team brings through the doors every day is as well.

It is just a week in the month of May but my gratitude goes out every day to all who give their best every week throughout the year to those in their care.

Mark McKenzie

Founder and CEO