A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

A Season of Graduation

June is the season for graduations. While some take place at the end of May, many are held into June after diplomas have been processed, caps and gowns ordered and logistics are settled.  This year obviously came with greater anticipation as decisions were individually made by schools as to whether ceremonies would be in-person, hybrid versions or limited in attendance. Whatever the graduation looks like, it represents a rite of passage.

That got me thinking. Where did “the graduation” tradition come from? Some say it started back in the 12th century with scholastic monks donning their robes and partaking in a ceremony – and that perhaps the original event has evolved to fit modern society. But all passage of rituals have common functions – a societal movement facilitated by an achievement – and a return to society with a new status.

Does this sound familiar?

I think we are all graduates at this moment in time. All of us share a universal experience and in this last year and a half, that experience includes fear, uncertainty, anxiety, grief, exhaustion, drive, determination, triumph and hope. As the curtain pulls back on the pandemic and the stage is again open, we are all walking across it into a new society where our knowledge is far greater than before and the spirit of our humanity is galvanized.

We are all graduates of the Class of 2021 and in particular, long term care providers, from the front desk to maintenance with all the health care staff in between can attest to this individual and collective accomplishment that has gotten us to the stage. You have crossed through a rite of passage no one sought in any aspect of anyone’s life – and you truly have a new status in society.  This may not be recognized by the person you pass on the street, but it is recognized by Focused Care.

We are all graduates – but you have graduated with distinction and honors. You have demonstrated leadership and shown character throughout this incredibly challenging and seemingly never ending test – and you passed at the top of any class.

Thank you all and congratulations. It is a privilege to be a part of the same graduation class and I am grateful for the significant role you have played in getting all of us across the stage.

Mark McKenzie

Founder and CEO