A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

April 2020 Founder’s Message

April usually brings to mind the renewal that spring ushers in – fresh colorful blooms as nature comes out of hibernation to remind us of the rich beauty that is always with us – just hidden for a while when the cold sets in.

I think it’s important for all of us, in the midst of what can feel like a very frightening time, to stop and notice and take in the sounds, the fragrance and the feel of spring. This virus can’t take away the breeze, the warmth of the sun or the fresh air we breathe. We may be challenged in ways like never before and fear and sorrow and desperation can drag down our spirits if we let them. Physical and emotional exhaustion can wreak havoc on our perspective and the weight of responsibilities many of us bear can crush us if-we-let-it.

I know that as long term care providers we are trying to stay one step ahead of COVID-19 and if not one step ahead at least no less than even. We have in place all possible preventive measures to protect our residents and ourselves. Battling infections and illnesses is not new ground for us. However, this pandemic is on a higher ground causing us to reach a little more, stretch a little further in an effort to get a hold on something that is highly contagious and stays silent for a number of days before it attacks. And like all other flus, it is potentially deadly for weakened immune systems – something anyone can develop who has other health conditions and something all of us get as we age.

Staying informed, educated and strategic is our priority – but it always is. We are in a heightened state of our usual operations which is telling me in many ways that we have been doing the right things pre-Coronavirus. While none of us could have imagined a global pandemic would strike and spread so quickly, Focused Care over the last two years has implemented an infection reduction program in all our communities given the vulnerability of our residents, many of whom come to us from a hospital stay. We are seeing results which improve the health of our residents – our main objective in addition to making their lives meaningful while they are with us.

Life being meaningful may be occupying all of our thoughts more intensely these days – and that by itself is a good thing. There will continue to be days and hours when it feels as if we are in the middle of a barren winter. That is when we need to look out the window, go for a walk, smile at a passerby – 6 feet away – and remember it is spring – and life continues to grow all around us.

When we are able to open our doors again, we invite you to visit Focused Care and see our heroes in action while they honor and care for our residents.

Mark McKenzie