A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Happy 3rd Birthday Focused Post Acute Partners

Happy 3rd Birthday Focused Post Acute Care Partners!

Walking the walk and talking the talk. Haven’t we heard those phrases so often? We celebrate the hero in movies who lives by his convictions that eventually overcome the bad guy.

We happily cheer for the hero who beats the odds and rises triumphantly while his foil who chose to compromise his ethics sees his plan fall apart.

What is the fatal flaw of those who purport to do more than they really intend to do or set high goals but don’t put the building blocks in place to reach them? I think some of the reasons that cause failure are repeated patterns of misunderstanding of what it takes to achieve real success and the acknowledgement that you have to put risk and commitment forward to see if they pay off. And along with that – is a firm belief that they will.

And when you are in the position of depending on other human beings, that can be a huge risk. No one knows what’s gone on the night before or the week before or the month before in the personal life of any of us who interacts with the public in our jobs. As I’ve realized myself when going through the grocery check-out line or ordering a meal from a waitperson – that person may not be in the best of moods because they just got a cancer diagnosis or they are getting laid off or their child is being bullied. That is why we must always put our “politeness” forward – no matter how WE are feeling that day and leave a little of our compassion with everyone we meet. Kindness is contagious. High standards should be too.

For myself, I have set these very personal goals that not only have to do with my long term care company, but me as an individual and I think they are all encompassing:

  • I will absolutely be a BETTER VERSION of me today than I was yesterday;
  • I will absolutely WORK/LEAD beyond any standard of expectation that I demand from others;
  • I will absolutely ACCEPT only those RESULTS that meet my EXPECTATIONS.  I will do this graciously and with encouragement but I will not apologize about those EXPECTATIONS;
  • I will absolutely be that GRAIN of SAND that irritates team members to achieve their own greatness (promise to not make you itch but to remember detail matters);
  • I will absolutely RECOGNIZE GREATNESS in those around me and work tirelessly to ensure they see it in themselves as well;
  • I will absolutely CELEBRATE all success daily and appreciate the efforts it took to achieve;
  • I will absolutely show GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION to those individuals I meet on my journey who have shown excellence and honor the Focused Care mission.

None of these goals can be achieved without the others.

We are a young company but together we bring deep and broad experience to this noble endeavor of taking care of our seniors.

Just three candles for our third birthday are bringing light and warmth to the lives of many. Let’s keep the flames going.

Join me in my ABSOLUTELYS!

Mark McKenzie