A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Having a Little Faith

We are often in the position of believing in things we cannot see.






We can see the impact or impression of these things but we cannot really see them.

Faith plays an enormous role in believing without seeing and many of us hold onto faith in both the darkest and most uncertain times. We embrace our faith and many times it protects us but it also challenges us.

How many of us felt in the past two years – now going on three – that Covid-19 would never leave us? The virus felt like an incessant pounding that would not abate and left us exhausted, burned out and ready to transition to a different reality. We didn’t see it through a microscope but we certainly believed it existed.

Many of you on the frontlines of caring for our most vulnerable at one time or the other probably thought of fleeing.  Maybe you thought it wasn’t worth the risk to your own health and that of your family’s. Those thoughts probably crossed your mind more than once.

What is it that kept you here? What was it that brought you through the door of your Focused Care community in the middle of all the sickness and grief? How did you, day after day, hold the hand of a resident, arrange a Facetime call with a loved one anxious to see their mother or father or husband or wife and hug a teammate at the end of a difficult day?

You had faith.  And most importantly, you kept it. You kept enough of it to share with your co-workers, to assuage the concern of family members and to comfort those to whom you provide care. And somehow, you had enough in reserve to walk back out into your local community and show others you would not falter.

We can’t see faith – but we can certainly feel its impact and impression. This Easter and Spring season bring the promise of renewed and strengthened faith.

My faith is emboldened when I see and think about the people who make Focused Care exactly the kind of long term care provider I wanted it to be.

Thank you for keeping the faith and making it easier for me to keep mine.


Mark McKenzie

CEO and Founder