A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Looking Back on the Last Year

Bringing in a new year can give us reason to look forward – for some – a clean slate, for others finishing work to be done, and perhaps for many of us, meeting new goals, taking on new challenges and raising our own standards to reach new heights in our quest to be a better human being.

This time of a new year can also be constructive in looking back on what brought us to today.

Who was Focused Care in 2019 and who will we be in 2020?

In 2019, from the Clinical perspective, we:

  • Revised and implemented a new Mock Survey Process that enabled 30 Focused Care communities to improve on Survey Outcomes.
  • Implemented a New Infection Control Preventionists program that correlated with new standards to best protect our residents from common infections
  • Identified One Source Provider for Lab and X-Ray in West Texas
  • Developed and Implemented a new and standardized QAPI Meeting Process (call us and ask us what this means)
  • In the ongoing advancement of our company and community-wide nutrition program, we:
  • Developed and Implemented a 365 Day menu (no repeat days for menus)
  • Developed always available menus to emphasize resident choice options
  • Implemented focused staff training/education to improve process and food delivery

To ensure we have the latest technologies to increase efficiencies as well as streamline the delivery of information, we:

  • Implemented Real Time Technology to assist Nursing teams in managing patient outcomes
  • Introduced a New Menu Program that allowed for Resident Selection and Management of inventory
  • Trained team members to access our Admin/Benefit system that allows them to more effectively manage their work information, needs and communications in a timely manner
  • Put into effect the PowerDMS which allows team members to access policy, programs and other organizational communications on line and keep alignment with minimizing our paper utilization and maintaining everything in an electronic format

Additionally, we:

  • Instituted a progressive program for Culture Change within our communities, changing titles of all team members to be more reflective of their actual job responsibilities, as well as challenged team members to invest in a new way of thinking and approaching their positions
  • Continued advancing our Wellness program for Resident Events and increased by four Exercise Events to focus on maintaining late loss ADL and independence
  • Launched the Clean Sleep and Casper Bedding Sleep experience pilot aimed at increasing a higher level of cleanliness to enhance comfort and infection control.

Who Focused Care will be in 2020 involves taking what we’ve done in 2019, raising it to the next level and targeting areas where we must continue to strive for excellence.

Come visit us and see us in action.

Mark McKenzie