A Message From Focused Care's Founder

Mark McKenzie, CEO

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

People often cite the airlines instruction when applying oxygen masks – put your own on first and then assist others – as a pretty good rule to abide by throughout life. I agree. Our value to others is dependent upon our self-respect, integrity, compassion, and yes, our own health.

Health care providers, parents of young children and school teachers tend to build up immunities to illnesses because they are often exposed to various ailments and develop a resistance. But none of us should take for granted any unseen defense system within our bodies. Particularly, when we care for vulnerable individuals.

The current virus wreaking havoc globally is certainly disturbing and every one of us must take sensible precautions moving forward. But those precautions are no different than those we have in place every day – as a rule. Keeping our Focused Care team members healthy – whether it’s the seasonal flu or the common cold making the rounds – is of utmost importance so we can continue to protect the health and well-being of our residents.

We are staying mindful of the typical this-time-of-year infections and conditions as well as staying abreast of reports on the coronavirus coming out of the Centers for Disease Control and state health officials.

Interestingly, I just heard a report on testing for the virus – for any flu, actually – that people can contract it and not become ill at all. Other factors can come into play as to whether or not symptoms will manifest themselves. Some of those factors that can kick any illness into gear are compromised respiratory systems, stress and too little sleep.

Not enough sleep can be a cause of stress and the statistics on being Sleepless in America are disconcerting. According the American Sleep Association:

Focused Post-Acute Care Partners understands the importance of healthy sleep. That is why we are implementing innovative technology that will enhance the sleep experience of residents receiving care in our communities by not only protecting seniors from common infections acquired from mattresses and pillows in health care settings, but increasing the comfort with high quality, long lasting mattresses free of chemicals.

We have also purchased Casper beds, known for their comfort and superior quality, while partnering with Clean Sleep, that uses a patented process of UVC light, dry steam, infrared heat and ozone generation to clean and sanitize mattresses. This amazing technology reduces cleaning times, utilizes physical properties for disinfection and reduces cross contamination.

We are phasing in this effort starting with our Baytown communities.

Focused Care team members are working to stay healthy with appropriate precautions – and elevating our efforts to ensure our residents sleep well and stay healthy. We have our “oxygen masks” on so we can best serve those we care for.

Mark McKenzie